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Still Tired

What’s Jack up to? Jack is whining for my attention. Wondering why I’m in no mood to get down and boogie.

That’s because I’ve done too much boogieing over the weekend. On Friday night I just about danced myself right out of my shoes with the DH. He wore his tux and I wore that dress.

It was an elegant affair. Lots of fun with old friends and tons of laughs and good music old and new. Yes, there was some organized dancing which I loathe and the DH forced me to participate. Ugh. He was really funny though, intent on messing me up during the cha-cha slide and had me cracking up as we ended up totally messing up the line. Frowns all around!

A fun night.

The rest of the weekend was filled with teen angst, tantrums and drama. Ugh. Somebody please save me? Can Calgon take me away to Mars for the next 3 years?

How was your weekend?

What’s doing for the week?