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Time keeps slipping…

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s had a fun weekend of food and friends and even a bit of bbq so I’m hoping he’ll be a little less snappish today. We shall see.

The Olympics have ended and today begins the Democratic National Convention which I’ll probably be way too into (see below). I can’t seem to help myself it feels way too big. Cut to me bleary eyed in the morning.

In a little over a week my Dear Twins will be back in school. The start of the new school year always feels kind of like New Years to me. A brand new beginning and with it all the pressures. I’m currently reading TIME TO WRITE by Kelly L. Stone when I actually have time to read. It’s all about time management for writers. I’ve vowed that when the kids are back in school I’m all about getting on a solid writing schedule. I really have to. The summer has taken it’s toll on me and if I’m going to make this work then time management is key.

What are your back to school rituals?