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More Changes

What’s Jack up to? He’s happy it’s the weekend and just chilling while sporting his cool new haircut. I’ll have him pose for some pics as soon as I can get him still.

I’m still thinking about my Changes post from a few days ago and would love to keep it going. If you’d like to read the original post please check it out here. The comments really got me thinking on life and how it evolves. So I’m posting the question again and for a little fun putting up some videos that were on and poppin’ in 1988 when they still showed video on MTV. These are all songs I loved at that time.

I still want to hear your answers to the the Changes question. Please join my little writing exercise. Here it is:

How similar is your life to how you imagined it ten or twenty years ago? Is it how you thought it would be or are you constantly asking yourself how did I get here? Do you mourn for the unfulfilled dreams? (Pioneer Woman said unrealized plans) or are you happy no matter what the circumstances? Oh Life!

Have a great weekend. I’ll be doing the baseball thang (how much can one woman drive?) and hanging with the DD while she tries to convince me that Lil Wayne is a real hottie and compare him somehow to my Prince. Honey Pla-ease!