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It’s Super

What’s Jack up to? The sweetie is a happy boy today after getting a nice long walk this morning and all the DH’s attention since the twins have no school and are sleeping in.

Happy Friday and Happy Good Friday to all who are celebrating today!
So it getting down to the wire on Make Me Super Model and the girls are dwindling away. What up wit dat? It may be just me, but I was not feeling Ronnie cockiness when Shannon got voted out. He is feeling himself way to much.

I was also not feeling Tyson’s bad imitation of DMX when he was coming up the stairs. Choose an image son! Please.
But, I was very happy to see the drama diva Naomi Campbell appear on the show. Everyone watch your phones and hold your breath!

Then it was time for the models to get naked and Perry had to get completely shaved and do a scary Silence of The Lambs thing. He also asked to get his girl friends tattoo photo shopped out. Once again proving a good point to my kids. Ouch.

Then it was time for the Catwalk and who comes out, The super diva Christian!!!! Now a pocket sized mega star giving catwalk lessons. And he said, “sassy”. Let’s all bring it back. Fierce.

Check out Holly in Christian’s dress.

I’m going for the girl power and Holly and I’ve always liked Perry’s look. I think he has movie star quality.

There was no bottom 2 or three this week but for me it’s Ronnie and Ben. What do you think?