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Talking Project Runway

What’s Jack up to? Why he’s resting an relaxing this morning, looking no worse for the wear, after waking the house up at 4 a.m. He was barking for reasons we still don’t know of. It seems suspiciously like he just wanted to play. Ugh, Jack.
Last night Project Runway was back with a new episode. I just love Project Runway. Every week it takes me back to my days and nights at FIT, sewing and working on a dress form.

I have to say I rolled my eyes when I found out that Hershey’s was their surprise destination. Another candy Challenge? Haven’t they learned from the past?
But at least this time they found a candy challenge that didn’t have to be real candy. Can you believe how many pillows were in that store?
I do think that choosing Rami as the winner was right. The fit of his dress was just amazing. His workmanship was impeccable. Good for him. I have to say the fact that he can sew his butt off makes me soften a little about the fact that he’s already a pretty established up and coming designer and his outfits have already been worn on the red carpet by celebrities like Jessica Alba. Just a little. I still wish it was a competition for young designers at a real starting out level.

I also have to say I was quietly rooting for Chris and after seeing the close up, I really loved his well thought out dress. Very Warhol-esque but wearable.

I was disappointed that Victorya wasn’t in the bottom two. Yeah Sweet P’s dress was a little boring, but it was wearable. Victorya’s dress to me just wasn’t.
Of course the right person left. Poor, spit marking, living on her own higher plain, Elisa. That brown Greta thing had to take her out. Bye,Elisa. You made for interesting TV.

On a final note. Where would this season be without Christian? Thanks for cracking me up again with those zany zingers and that asymmetrical windblown hair.