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    Scripting Life

    So what do you do when in your head you’re feeling all sassy like a twenty something year old heroine from a rom com with your own upbeat soundtrack, but in reality it’s early morning but you’re lying in bed trying to talk your body into catching up with your mind and get it gear. The soundtrack is stuck on repeat. You see it’s another morning of waking up with a pain in your back and aches through all your joints. Definitely not the stuff of a romance heroine, let alone a young-ish (work with me people) romance writer who needs to book it to the keyboard and get those achy fingers flying and some words produced.


    But that’s me and with my diagnosis of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis ) a couple of years ago it’s been a slow spiral downward. I see my doctors and have tried different meds and I’ll admit, on and off exercise, but still, it doesn’t feel like enough. If you’re like me, through the pain, you want to feel proactive and not like some old maid being put out to pasture with this, what sounds like, an out to pasture disease.

    Well, I’m happy to say that through a lovely blogger friend I have found a place where I can find some answers and feel like I’m being proactive while surfing the net. Lifescript.com has a fantastic Rheumatoid Arthritis Center with a wealth of information. You can check it out here and check out Lifescript.com here for all sorts of other health and wellness tips. Lifescript.com was kind enough to send me 2 lovely yoga mats for my review and getting the word out which I’m more than happy to do. Anything to spread the word on fighting this awful disease. Here’s hoping I put them to good use getting these rickety joints moving!

    What you looking forward to singing a new tune to in the coming year?


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