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    Lovers Game

    What’s Jack up to? Little Mr. Determined is just about wearing me out with his demands for attention lately. It’s like he’s doing a great job of being a toddler dog being very pushy and vocal when it come to wanting water, food a walk or a treat. Sigh. I need a life here.

    The fun of the internet had me finding, well actually it found me, this cool and I warn you addicting computer game Heart Wild Solitaire.

    It’s the game with a romance story made for romance readers! Too cute. A matching card game that leads you on the story of Anne as she leaves her old life behind and sets off to rediscover her true self.

    You can check I out here.

    As you click you get further into Anne’s story. Remember my warning: addicting! LOL.

    So tell me, what computer games to you play?