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Summer Promises… interview with author Laura Simcox

Today on ye old blog I’m pleased to feature another fellow Crimson author, Laura Simcox whose fun and sexy book: Summer Promises will be available next week!


Welcome Laura!

Thanks, lady!

Can you please tell us about Summer Promises?

‘Summer Promises’ is a tribute to theater people everywhere who are searching for happily ever after. It’s hard to find love when work requires a person to move constantly for jobs that last a few months at best. In this story, a young woman finds her true love while working at a summer theater. She’s sworn off getting involved with another man who will leave her cold; in fact it’s her ONLY promise to herself before taking this job. But as luck would have it, her dream man is just behind the stage curtain! All she has to do is pull it open.

This sounds lovely. I’d call it a good post summer, I wish I were still on the beach read.

What was your inspiration?

I was inspired to write this because of my own experience working in summer theater. I’ve seen a lot of broken hearts and a lot of lonely people. That’s not to say that true love can’t be found, because I’ve witnessed that as well. Even a Christmastime proposal on an actors’ tour bus! But for the most part, theater romance is tough. I wanted to give it a happy ending with Asher and Carly.

A tour bus proposal? How cool!

Asher seems hot. Did you have someone in mind when writing him?

Not specifically. On the surface, Asher appears to be a moody, self-involved artist. Once Carly gets to know him, how can she resist? Because he’s a rare gem: a truly good man wrapped in a delicious layer of hottie. J After I wrote the book I realized he looks a little bit like Hugh Jackman. And that can only be good.

Hugh is always a winner! Now one of my favorite questions, please tell us the story of your “overnight” success.

I was tired, standing in the living room wearing a plastic blow up pirate hat hiding my Kindle behind a magazine while I checked my e-mail. (I never should have downloaded toddler games onto it!) A bunch of junk scrolled down my screen and then I spotted ‘The One’. It was a message from my (now) editor telling me she really enjoyed my book and wanted to buy it. I stood stock still for about twenty seconds reading and re-reading. Then I told my son in a pirate voice “Yarr, yer momma’s going to be published, matie!” He said “Pirate Mamma?” I said “Sure! Whatever ye want.” Then we went back to playing pirates, but I had a lot more energy after that!!

I love that story. What’s next for you?

Speaking of pirates, I’m working on another contemporary romance, but this has a time travel twist. My hero is a fortune hunter searching for a ‘lost to the ages’ original Shakespeare manuscript. My heroine is a budding archeologist searching for a job. Together, they step through a portal onto an eighteenth century island populated by pirates and miscreants. Let the hunt begin!

That sounds great. Now, where can we find you on the web?

Laura can be found at:

And on FB at:

And on Summer Promises is available for preorder here on Amazon here

Thanks so much for being here Laura. Wishing you the best with Summer Promises.


All the best,



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  • M.J. Schiller

    Love your story about getting “The Call/Email!” My kids are all in their teens now, but I remember those days well! In fact, I’m flashing back to the one time my husband got a ride home from his boss and they came in to a house that was TOTALLY destroyed from making a cardboard car (complete with paper plate steering wheel), blue Jello “aquariums” w/ Swedish fish and whipped cream “surf,” and I don’t know what else we were doing that day, but I was quite embarrassed, to say the least! And who knows what get-up I was in! Keep loving those little ones for all of us that our past those days and good luck with all of your writing!

  • Katherine Bone

    What a great interview, Kwana!! Thanks for introducing me to Laura Simcox. 🙂

    Ahoy, Laura!!! (raising me cutlass) I be loving to hear about yer pirate book. Tis what I write.. pirates. Arrr!!! To be sure, yer time travel will be on me list. And Summer Promises are just what the saw bones ordered. Tar!!!