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Saturday Smaterday…

What are Saturdays to a writer? Not much. It’s not like we turn off the brain or close the office door and shut it down for the weekend (or at least I don’t). And even when we’re doing the happy family fun weekend thing our stories are still there in the back of our minds clawing their way to the front saying things like, you know you should be writing right now. Think of all that white space just waiting to be filled. Of course that is until you actually sit in front of the computer and get ready to write. Then it’s hush, hush silent hour and you’re left wondering who broke up the party.

But enough with my writerly rantings. I’m chiming in on a Saturday to send you over to another place for even more rantings… Like how I did that? Well, I’m over at the lovely Keisha Martin’s blog answering a few question on writing and how I keep things going. I’d love it if you stop on by there. Have a great Weekend! Tell me what are you getting up to today?





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  • pve

    Fun image. I do think it is hard to turn off our inner creative thoughts but it is good to take a break. I just treated myself to a make-over and some new lingerie. The girls needed a lift!~
    Hope you find time for a treat or a special outing.