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Welcome May!

Saying hello to May on this rainy NY day. A perfect day to stay in and work away which is what I’ll be doing. Right now my mind is going a mile a minute with: new business things to set up for my brand new venture, blog posts to write, the big old book to get back to and finish, pesky new ideas that are popping into my head (shhh you!) not to mention little twin A has finals this week that are worrying me to death AND will be coming home at the end of the week. Better move that exercise equipment out of his room. Eek!

But really I guess I’m no busier than any of you. We are all juggling as fast as we can, right? With all the juggling I did get 1 thing actually checked off my list yesterday, my author Facebook page! So if you like, dear bloggy buds, beat the crush (stop laughing now) and head on over to “Like” the writer me, K.M. Jackson here. Thanks!

Now what are you up today to welcome May?





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  • pve

    I do love the month of May – I always wanted a name like April, May or June. It reminds me to dig up my brooches and pin on a flower….something a bit Mad Men about May.
    Good luck checking off that pesky list, boy does it feel good when we accomplish things and are rewarded for our hard work.
    Reward yourself with something nice. A new umbrella or a nice cup of tea.

  • Kathy

    Hard to believe your twins first year of college is behind them…..was a fast year! So happy May is here and despite the rain today…warmer temps are around the corner. Have a great day!

  • BarbaraG

    It’s always great to start a new month with Kwana.
    Your DT will be home, a book and endless possibilities.
    I’m going to help a family member recuperating from surgery. I love the pics on your TUMBLR …
    Best wishes,