happy birthday,  my view

The Healer

So I caved. After a week of feeling lousy I could not take the coughing, stuffiness, back pain and then ear pain any longer and made my way to my doctor.

No, it was nowhere near as dramatic as this. Just a sinus infection and an ear infection. I’m sure I’ll be on the mend soon. I just thought the vintage novel pic from ebay was fantastic.

My DH thanks you all for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. We had a nice time with just the two of us. Going to our favorite spot at the end of City Island and enjoying baskets of shrimps, scallops and fries right by the sea.

Turns out the warm temperatures in New York brought out the party in everyone else too and the place was as packed as you’d find it on a warm Saturday night in July. Booty shorts and all. Side bar: Some are not ready. Just sayin’

We capped off the evening with a red velvet cupcake that my husband had to practically fight Jack for. Jack saw the candle and swore my bad singing was for him I guess. All in all a very nice night.





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