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Becoming Tru Who?

Have you all been over at my other place Becoming Tru Me lately to see where my mind has been tumbling? Do you tumble? How about Pin? What’s your thing? Come on and share this Thursday.

BTW this old pic reminds me that I need a pedi and soon. It has been way too long.





  • Ina in Alaska

    Hi Kwana! I put my shovel down to check in. It is snowing – again – as I type this comment. I believe it has snowed most every day this winter and it has done me in! Heading to Santa Monica CA next week for a break. xoxo

  • Kathy

    I pin and occasionally tumblr……just had a pedi and boy was it a nice treat….the asian lady look at my feet and said oh feet look bad! haha really!

  • kwana

    Good for you Ina. Enjoy Ca. You deserve some sun after all of this.

    Hi Kathy. I still have not gone. I’m afraid of the review I’ll get. So bad.