Optimistic Pessimism… a Blogiversary

I hope those who celebrated had a very Merry Christmas yesterday. Today at ye old blog we are celebrating our 4th Blogiversary!

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 4 years over at ye old blog. Honestly, it’s starting to feel like a marriage now or at the very least I should be graduating or getting some sort of certificate. But no, all that’s happening is it’s about to turn 2012 and still I don’t have that flying car that I those formative years of watching The Jetsons had me believing I would be having by the year 2012. I’m feeling a little duped about it all.

Oh well no use crying over cars that just go on wheels or dreams of years past. Time to move forward. Time for this strangely hopeful pessimist to start thinking about the year ahead. Someone told me this year would be the year of Kwana. I sure like the sound of that though I so find it hard to wrap my head around. See though I’m forever hopeful, I’m one of those ‘always waiting for the other shoe to drop’ type of folks. And I guess if you’re always waiting for that shoe to drop you can’t see the great boot trying to lift you from behind. I know bad analogy so I’ll just stop here and say… Thank you all so much for sticking with me these 4 years. The semi-famous Jackster thanks you too. And we are optimistic about great things for all of us in 2012. Cheers! Fingers crossed for fab boots for all of us!

So tell me, how are you thinking about the year ahead? Are you optimistic?


Much love,