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Editing in the Harsh Light Of Day

So right now I’m heavy into editing mode on a couple of projects and if you know anything about me you know that patience is so not my thing. I like to finish a project and be finished with it. Done. Bye. See Ya! I cannot stand editing, but if I’m honest with myself editing is half (or maybe even more than half) of writing a novel. So you see my problem, yes?

To that end I’m currently taking Angela James’ Before You Hit Send online self editing course. In my usual way, I made the decision by the seat of my pants. I read the description (it nudged at me, see I knew I needed it) so I asked for a trusted opinion and quick, before I changed my mind, I signed up.

So far, just a few days in and though painful in the light of day, I’ve already learned so much and seen some of the errors of my ways (don’t let the poor punctuation of this post fool you).

This tweet that I sent out yesterday describes my feelings perfectly:

“Taking the B4 You Hit Send Class. It’s like trying on bathing suits under florescent lights. “Is my butt THAT big?” Yes it is.”




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