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It’s an Expo People!

For the past two days I’ve been down at the Javits Center walking then hobbling my way through BEA – Book Expo America. The yearly event where who’s who or wants to be who in publishing comes out to show their wares.

What a wild time. The book lives! My back and feet? Not so much. Seriously have I met a book I didn’t like or couldn’t pick up? By day 2 I decided to bring and check my rolling case to carry them all back to my car.


As you can see from the mob scene at the Harlequin booth romance is surely in the air. As I was on line I heard one savvy woman say to a male colleague, “Yes, Blank I read romance.” I gave her a thumbs up as she went to get a book signed by a favorite author.


I saw and hung with so many fun people, The wonderful Sue Grimshaw, Leanna Renee, Katiebabs, Janicu, Young Liberian (Katie my expo pal)! Thanks for the great line chat.

I was so happy to meet one of my favorite authors and twitter friend Victoria Dahl there.  She was sweet to recognize me from my tweets and run around her signing table to give me a hug.


I also got the new book from Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches Trashy Books–  Everything I learned About Love I Learned From Romance Novels. I was a lucky one as her books were gone in a flash.

Sarah Signing Katie’s book


I also stood in a crazy long line for Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes Book.  Seriously it was like waiting for a roller coaster at Six Flags. But on the up side they handed out the book to those waiting in line so we all had good laughs there and meeting Jimmy was lots of fun.


Another great meet was Mindy Kaling from the office who has a book coming out soon. She was smart sweet and funny. Chatting and taking pictures. Don’t ask me why I stood next to her, what a beauty, but she was so engaging that I fell right in. And my eyes are closed too. Ugh and Sigh.


And thanks to the fab Ellen –Confessions of an It Girl for hooking me up with Melanie- The Coupon Goddess and Rene Syler –Good Enough Mother. And yes, it’s that Rena formally of CBS The Early Show.  That Ellen she always knows who will get along with who. We had so much fun walking the floor together and sharing a great lunch.

L to R- Rene, Melanie, Ellen


Thanks to you all my old and now new friends made. I wish I could list you all.  Until next time see you on the blog or twitter!




  • pve

    I admire your perseverance and constant desire to follow your dreams, or books! Looks like great fun and a wonderful world of bookish connections.

  • SueG

    Great to see you — always fun to visit NYC & although a whirl wind trip it was a fun & productive one — great recap Kwana!

  • Marq

    Lucky! And to see Jimmy Fallon live and in person! I have a huge crush on him. I am determined to go to BEA one of these days. It looks like it’s a lot of fun minus the feet and back aches.

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Oooh, I’m so jealous!!! That looks like SO MUCH fun! I hope you’ll show us a picture of all your books laid out again! : ) I vow to get there one of these years. … Maybe you’ll be a signing a book for me. 🙂

  • Kathy

    Such a cool event to be a part of ….you got to meet a lot of great authors. Worth all the feet and back pain….and by the way you are looking great…love the picture of you and girl from The Office!

  • janicu

    Oh you are so good for taking pictures. I haven’t been good about that! And awesome that you went early to meet the celebrity signers – I was wondering how that was – I can never wake up early enough to do it. Mindy Kaling looks great in that dress.

  • Melanie

    Wasn’t that an amazing time? I wish I had met you on the very first day. I wouldn’t have gotten anything done, but we would’ve had a hell of a time!!!!