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Maybe Monday

So I’m doing yet another DD dance run this weekend and this song comes on the radio with just about the best talkie intro I’ve ever heard. It’s a story and a half all at the start of a song.

“…as I just stood there trying to maintain…myself.” Love that!


Happy Monday!




  • Ashley Scott

    The Three Degrees are still around. Their website is and they still tour in Europe and Japan. My aunt is Helen Scott of The Three Degrees who was in the group from 1963 to 1966 and returned in 1976 and still their to this day with Valerie Holiday who did the rap and lead vocal to “Maybe” and Freddi Poole who joined 3 months ago. Follow them on their site.

  • kwana

    Thanks for all your comments and thanks so much to Ashley Scott for commenting. So good to hear that they are still touring. Beautiful women and such good music!