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A Working Holiday

Happy President’s Day! I hope if you’re reading this it’s from the comfy confines of your home if you are in the US and you are off for the holiday.

As with most stay at home/work at home moms there are no real holidays and I plan on making this a working one though the kids are off for the week so it will be difficult with them expecting me to play Mary Poppins when I feel I need to be working. There is a definite fine line between needs and wants. And right now the needs totally outweigh the wants.

I had a successful weekend of editing my current young adult and now I’m ready to dive in and start to work on my next project, an adult romance with nothing young about it. I have so many ideas and not enough time to get them all down but I feel I’d better strike while the iron is hot.


You have a great one. And if you can take the time… Relax and  Enjoy!