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Snook Um’s

So Snooki is having a book signings and for some reason this doesn’t bug me as much as you may think it would. Or as much as I thought it would. It could be all the Snooki hate going around has given me Snooki backlash. Despite the fact that although I’m yeah, kind of bugged over the fact that Snooki has a book published before me and I’ve been at this game for quite a while I can take it for what it is, total entertainment and capitalizing on a brand that’s hot right now. So who am I to knock the girl’s going on 20 minute hustle?  What do you think?


Check out this article from the LA Times




  • Ina in Alaska

    Like our own Sarah Palin who exited stage left from being the Gov of AK to make money, who am I to put down little Snooki…. what is that old saying, got to make hay while the sun shines or something like that…. check with Nana please. Hugs for a good weekend…. xoxo

  • kwana

    Thanks Ina. Of course Sara’s book does bug me because of it’s content and politics but that’s another story separate from Snooki.

    Nana is good snug in her apartment. She will not venture in the snow at all. She also has my Aunt and cousin to get anything she needs if she need something out. Thanks for checking on her you are so sweet.

  • Joyce

    I don’t know much about her book. OK I know nothing about her book. I look at it this way, opportunity knocked on her door and she went for it. I’m off to read LA Times to see what all the stir is about. Hugs to you and Jack!! xo

  • Rachel

    Just remember than in a few years, nobody will be buying Snooki books. They won’t even stock them on the shelves. Everyone will be saying “Snooki? What’s a Snooki?”

    But your books, Kwana, those will be on shelves with fabulous fans buying them for years to come once they’re out. (I just know these things 🙂

  • Kathy

    The difference is she is riding out her fifteen minutes of fame and you are a true writer! She is as dumb as a door…or is she ! She will never be taken serious! Did you see her on Ellen? Seriously she make Jersey look so bad!