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Just One of Dem Days

This is a late post for me guess it’s just one of those days which is what I told the DD when she asked how the day went. She tried to glamorize it in song with all sorts of angst and the sultry tones of Monica singing but I told her sadly, it wasn’t as deep as all that. It was yeah, just one of those days where the hours weren’t long enough and I felt I hadn’t gotten enough done but a few lines of writing, some freelance work and a bonus load of laundry.  Yay, the glam life of a writer and stay at home mom.

But to make her happy, hey, I’ll play the song. Props to her for knowing it from 1995.

Happy Weekend!



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  • Marilyn Brant

    Oh, I can relate, Kwana. I think most of 2011 has felt like that for me — I need much more time to get everything done ;). Hope you’ve been have a great weekend, though!!