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A Tree Glows

Happy Monday! What’s Jack up to? Jack has had a fun weekend with having Nana over but now he’s a little out of sorts with it just being back to boring old me. I shall try an entertain you Jack… a bit.

I as said a Nana was up and we did our annual super warehouse store Thanksgiving shopping. Now I think I need 2 days to recover.  Those stores are sure huge. Push, tug, shove. Ugh. But it will all be worth it come Thanksgiving and Nana’s delish food I’m sure.

 Now I’ve got to get back to my regularly scheduled NaNoWrimo writing. I’m more than a tad behind but the work is moving so I’m happy about that.


Wishing you all a glorious week!




  • pve

    Now if only you could get that glowing tree to write for you….think of each one of those gorgeous leaves as words falling on the page.
    Our leaves are falling faster than we can rake them!
    Enjoy your monday dear friend.

  • Maria Geraci

    What an absolutely gorgeous picture!

    Sounds like the shopping was fun, but exhausting. I know that’s how I feel everytime I leave Costco!

    Good luck with the writing. I know you can get it done!

  • Ina in Alaska

    Spectacular tree!! thanks for sharing it with us. I avoid those super duper stores, and I agree, it is a major headache with all the people BUT I do enjoy the people watching and like to see what they are buying.

    Hugs to Nana xoxoxo