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One bite at a time

Yesterday I had a great meeting with my agent to talk about the state of my current submission (waiting for word, fingers and toes crossed to cramping). We also talked about my new project which I’m just starting to work on.

I attempted to explain my new idea which is bigger and more complicated than anything I’ve ever worked on. My agent was very excited by the concept and knew it could be fab, but could see the complexity of it all. She could also see my FEAR seeping through all my enthusiasm. She knew I was a little afraid of the project and assured me I could do it if I just took it piece by piece, one page at a time.

Sometimes looking at the whole can be just too much and send you running from the challenge but if you just take it one page at a time or bite or step it’s a lot easier to make the journey.

I’m think I’m on my way.



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