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Go On Baby

What’s Jack up to? I never found out what Jack got into or what he was trying to say with that look that he gave me the other day but he was a lot happier over the weekend since Nana came back up for a visit.

I’m thinking Jack would love it if Nana just moved in.  I’m sure the Dear Twins would too since Nana spoils everyone on her path. It seems the word ‘no’ is no longer in her vocabulary. Man, it’s a whole lot different from when I was a kid and getting into all sorts of mess or at least trying too– you see in my day nothing got by Nana.  But, I guess that’s the fun of her now being a great-grandmother. Getting to say ‘sure’ and ‘yes, go ahead baby’ then sitting back and watching the fun unfold.



Happy Monday!



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  • Maria

    My mom told me this weekend that my expectation are too high for my daughter. Seriously? Compared to the ones Mom had for me? I also told “Grandma” that her expectations aren’t high enough for her grandchildren sometimes. She definitely spoils them.

    I do think kids need that kind of non-judgmental, non-molding love, though, that parents can’t really give.

  • kwana

    So cute how you all want to fight over Nana!

    Maria I hear you on the high expectations. I have the too. It’s easy to say lower then when they are not your kids.