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Is it just me? I know it can’t be. I can’t be the only neurotic nut case out here in bloglandia that can’t seem to walk and chew gum. You see I have a novel  out on submission right now and though no matter how much I tell myself, not to obsess, it’s no big deal, don’t get your hopes up, a watched pot never boils… I still do. I can’t help myself.

This is the part of being an artist that I hate the most. The waiting for judgment part. It’s the part that makes me a little queasy in the stomach and the part that makes my writing process so slow. I think it may partially be due to holding off that queasy feeling. You see I should be continuing with work on another project but my mind is focused (I know stupidly) on what I can’t control. The opinions of others and not focused on my WIP. As if by my mind power I can bend someone else’s will.  But what I need to do is bend my mind in the right direction so it’s more productive and less obsessive. 

It’s a hot mess being in Submission Purgatory. For more on this subject go and read this funny and spot on post by author Kiersten White here.

 Tell me how do you get your focus?




  • pve

    Good question! For me, finding my focus is in slowing down, quieting my mind and finding an inner calm and knowing that part of the goal to acieve is in letting go.
    Yoga helps and talking to good friends too. Time alone in nature also gives me peace.

  • deidra

    Often I find my focus when I’m driving from Lincoln to Omaha with no music on. Just quiet. Watching the sky above and prairie rolling by with corn fields thrown in every few miles somehow overwhelms me with awe. I can almost see my “baggage” falling by the wayside as I ease on down the road.

  • Penny Watson

    Good luck, Kwana! I hope you get good news soon. I sent out tons of queries at the same lots of rejections, some requests, and eventually, a contract. I wasn’t waiting to hear from just one person so it made it easier. (I figured eventually I would catch a fish if I cast enough!). You could go one of 2 ways with this…distract yourself by doing fun stuff, or buckle down with a work plan. My vote is for the fun stuff…pamper yourself!

  • The Zhush

    Can’t imagine how crazy this must feel for you right now…keep channeling Stuart Smalley (too funny)! Play some awesome music and connect with good friends, always seems to help me!

  • Jax Cassidy

    Congrats on the submission! I’ll cross my fingers that it’s going to be snatched up.

    How do I keep focus? Good question. I picture contracts in my future and if I don’t write it, it won’t sell…and believe me, I have a lot of stories waiting to be written.

  • Colleen

    How exciting for you! Even though I find it really hard to do when I am obsessing about something, I know that concentrating on breathing with meditation can help – good luck.