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The Cave

What’s Jack up to? Jack is being a total Jackster. Driving me wild by being all mischievous and totally underfoot. I can’t take two steps lately without tripping over little Jack.  Oh well. So it is.

Not too many words today. I think more will come as soon as I’m more alert. But today I’m squinting against the sun and finally stepping out of my editing cave. Whew, it was a tough two weeks, but I think I got it all done.  Of course in my mind done is never really done… until it’s really done. And by that I mean sold, delivered and maybe on a bookshelf somewhere. But right now that outcome is not in my hands so I’m letting it go for the moment. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement while I was hanging in the cave. You all really warmed me up when the fire got low.

Happy Monday!