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Really? And what year is this?

So I have this YA book I want to sell called Diva Slave. You can read about it on the books page if you like. And in it this modern Black girl goes back in time to pre- civil war days and one of the details in it is her father is a free Black man and has to walk with his papers at all times.

So to this I say really Arizona? What year is this?

I have this Daily Show clip and I kid but there is nothing funny.. really.

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I will end this by saying your state is beautiful and I have had some of my best ever vacations there. Sedona,  and The Biltmore.. I swoon. Get it together please.


  • Ina in Alaska

    I am still pondering this. But one thing it is targeting a huge problem in our country… illegal aliens, drug smuggling and more problems. We see the drug problem in our office. As a small part of his practice the hubs is a member of Criminal Justice Act Panel, and represents a number of these arrivals who then spread far and wide, some of whom are engaged in a number of illegal activities, all of his service is paid for by taxpayers….. I think we need to reflect on the big picture here because we have so much to take care of for our own citizens. In my humble and respectful opinion we need to take care of #1 first and particularly health care for all. Just saying…