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And Still

It’s the same old thing going on with me. I guess I’m running on fumes now. I’m either at my little table or on on my bed or on the couch. Yeah, it’s me and my laptop and my edits… in my sweatpants. Not as pretty a sight as this slightly misshapen Picasso woman. Ah well. I am who I am right about now.

But enough about me, what’s doing with you today?




  • pve

    I completely understand your situation – I am back and forth to the easel – jab, stab, edit with paint…standing back, looking, then at it all over again. I love the rythum of the movement and the routine of my work, don’t you?

  • Debra

    I bet it all feels good though. I know there must be a huge feeling of accomplishment. Maybe sometime you could post about the editting process??? I cannot imagine- but then you’ve probably seen the ‘lack-of’ editting in some of my posts…

  • Joyce

    Do you realllly want to know my day? Smile… I woke up to thunderstorms again last night and hearing rain inside- only to find out Mr. “Bo”jangles marking our dresser!! Once I cleaned this up at 1am I woke up at 5am to weird humming coming from the basement to find water down there and it wasn’t Bo!! We have had so much rain this week and more to come things are flooding. My poor love got a phone call from an almost insane wife this morning when I thought I would save my melt down for another day. Today was to be my last day at work. Change of plans working from home and will go into tomorrow for a couple of hours. Things could be worse right?! Smile… xo

  • Ina in Alaska

    Hi Kwana, I am just surfacing around the blog land from a few days of shock – my friend’s dear Sheltie died suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday afternoon, It has been a rough couple of days. I did not want you to think I have dropped off the face of the earth, I have been helping her with her grief and dealing with it myself. Hug Jack tightly please… xoxox

  • kwana

    Maria, Nice to not be alone.

    PVE some days are better than others.

    Debra, thanks for the suggestion. I will do a post on it soon.

    Joyce, I’m so sorry. That is one stressful day. Yikes.

    Thanks Kathy, Colleen and Kristen.

    Ina I’m so sorry for you and your friend’s loss. Hang in there.

    Thanks Jax. I hope so.