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Good Indeed

“Faith is stepping out on nothing and landing on something.”


Photo from here


Yes, our faith (well, my faith) is constantly being put to the test, sadly, it seems now more than ever.  But this is a Good Friday indeed and as always I’m taking that step.




  • deidra

    The photo reminds me of “Mother to Son” the poem by Langston Hughes. The thing about faith is that we have to exercise it so that it gets stronger. It’s a bit of a catch-22, isn’t it? We want more faith – bigger faith – stronger faith, but to get it we’ve usually got to go through something that we’d rather not experience.

    I’ll be praying with you as you keep on steppin’. Be blessed!

  • Jax Cassidy

    Stay strong. I’ve had that long stretch of moments in which I question … but in the end, the sun will shine and everything will all work out. You’re going to come out on top, trust it.

  • Ina in Alaska

    Late to the party but not too late to wish you and your family and Nana and the Jackster a most wonderful Easter! PS I signed up for the Gravatar and uploaded my picture but just cannot get it to show up…. xoxoxo

  • pve

    Seeing my folks makes me realize how fast time goes and that if we do not just step it up, we will never know.
    Step, step and things you never knew will begin to happen.
    Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Easter.

  • Phyllis

    I forgot to update my blogroll, so I’ve been going to the old blog and wondering what was up with you and Jack!?!?!

    Happy Easter to Nana (and the rest of y’all too!)