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Nana not NaNo

Good Monday to you and wishing you a good week ahead.

Thanks so much for all the well wishes on my Nano challenge. Speaking of Nano, today I’m talking about Nana, my Nana. All my regular readers know her very well. She’s a regular here on the blog and Jack’s best girl well everyone’s really. Sweet as pie and can bake a heck of a pie. Smarter than anyone I know she also has the secret mouth of a sailor and can bring a hardened biker to his knees with lash of her quick tongue so stay on her good side. She’s also been a caregiver for many years since I was first born until she retired taking care of many children mostly for single mothers in Harlem. Lots of time for little pay, just doing what she could to help them get on their feet, have a job and take care of their children.

Well Nana got a fright on Halloween. I picked up the phone to give her a shout and say hi see if she was all ready for her trick or treaters. She was out of breath when she picked up the phone and I could tell she was upset.

Me:What‘s wrong?
Nana: I’m just back from my pharmacy and something has got to give baby.
Me: What happened?
Nana: Well you know I have to take 6 pills a day since I’ve had these stints put in.
Sidebar: such a scary time for our family when Nana was ill over a year ago and we’re so grateful for her continued improving health.
Me: Yep
Nana: I can’t take how these costs keep going up. My income is fixed you know. My one pill that was $38.00 last month has jumped to over $90.00 this month and there is no alternative medicine. I have to take it. I can see why these little old people skip pills or meals. Anymore of this and no one will have to worry about me needing meds. I’ll end up with a heart attack.
Me: Oh Nana don’t say that.
Nana: It’s true. I get so mad over all this heath care bull@#*$. People putting a price on lives. Without the little help from my family that I get I’d be dead now. This is just awful. Something had to give. They have to pass a bill and stop messing around. It’s always the little people that suffer.

Well, that’s it people there was much more said, but I won’t go into it. I was pissed and so was she so the rating on the blog would have to go up. So this is all I have to say is that. Tomorrow is Election Day. Please go out and vote and remember to be good stewards over all.