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Strangely Beautiful

What’s Jack up to? Please be forewarned. Gross out here.
Grrr… Oh that Jack. That sweet little cutie Jack. What a face. How could he do me wrong? Well, he did. That little stinker did. In the worst, maybe not the worst, but pretty bad, possible way. What did he do? He tinkled in my tub. Da-da-da-daaaaa! I know, right! Good thing I looked before I ran a bath.
Now onto a much nicer subject.
Yesterday I had the honor of hanging with debut author and friend Leanna Renee Heiber as she traveled around my neck of the woods to sign stock on her first book:
The Strangely Beautiful Tale Of Miss Percy Parker

I’m so proud of Leanna and happy for her. I also got to see our friend and fellow writer Stacy and meet her sweet dad.
The staff in the bookstores were all so gracious when meeting us and happy to have Leanna sign. Turns out the afternoon was a joy.

You can buy Leanna’s book here.