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“You need to learn to Doubt your Doubts.”

These were the best words that I heard over this weekend. They were spoken by my pastor in church this Sunday. The sermon topic was: “Faith that conquers fear”.
Fear. My own dear friend and late night snack companion. Then the question came up: well, what do you do when you have doubts?
Doubts. Those insidious little creatures that seep into your head telling you that you: can’t write it, have no talent, it won’t work out, you won’t succeed, all is lost, your looks are gone, your body is shot, you don’t have the smarts, it’s over or whatever else your nasty little creature like to whisper.
We all have Doubts. But a good way to deal with doubts is to learn to doubt them.
Hmm… Doubt the Doubts. Put them on the defensive (eek I hope I used that term right DH). Break the paralyzing hold they have, making them less effective and faith more powerful. Tell that little creature critic to SHUT UP. Brush it off your shoulder and move on. There is work to do. I’m feeling powerful.
Sidebar: Um, friends remind me to give this speech to myself again in about 3 or 4 days when I’ll no Doubt (ha) be needing it again.

On another note: I was quoted in The New York Times from my earlier post on Frank McCourt. You can read the Times article here. Thanks to all the new visitors who have stopped by. Welcome. I hope you come on back or better yet follow me. Gasp.

The best parts about being in The Times?

1. Honoring Mr. McCourt
2. It’s not that far a stretch from The Bestseller List.
3. Being called a romance writer without a bit of snark or a ripped bodice. WIN!