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Bad Writing

Happy Friday!

What’s Jack up to? As I write this (late Thursday night) the Jackster is right under me up under my bed snoring lightly. Poor thing, he’s worked so hard. Trying to sneak into the trash multiple times, but I was up on my game and thwarted him each time. I’m sure today he’ll come for me with extra strength. I’ll be ready. I hope.

What is bad writing?

I find it hard to define, but it’s something you know when you read it. Now being in a book club the subject of bad writing has become an interesting and lively debate.

For me it’s writing that doesn’t flow or hold my attention. It’s definitely writing that I have to go back and read a few times in order to understand or writing that doesn’t ring true and I don’t mean in a fantasy way I mean in an authentic way.

I’m very interested in this documentary Bad Writing with George Saunders and David Sedaris.

So how would you describe Bad Writing? This post maybe? Ouch!

Have a great day.