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Crushing It!

I’m still talking BEA today. Sorry if I’m boring you all but it was a pretty exciting weekend for me. One of the biggest highlights was getting to see Gary Vaynerchuk at the Book Expo. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

I was walking around with Amanda McCabe since she had some time before her Harlequin signing. I had planned on going to the Bloggers panel when I saw the words Crush It listed right below the Bloggers panel. I turn to Amanda and said “I wonder if that’s Gary Vee the Crush It guy?” To which she looks at me like I’ve grown not 2 but 3 heads.

Then I explained to Amanda how Crush It is the name of Gary’s book that’s coming out and how I’ve been following him on twitter and how he’s a wine expert but I don’t really follow him for the wine I follow him for the inspiration. More strange looks from Amanda. Hmm? Now she may be questioning this growing friendship with me and the invite for drinks later. But I don’t stop.

Anyone who knows me, knows I can go on and on with a story. I explain how my friend N told me about Gary so I followed him on twitter then PVE ask did I see this video of this guy who’s kinda funny but cool on Makeunder My Life. I clicked. It was Gary! Loved the video. It was all about The Hustle and your passion and combing the hustle with your passion in order to achieve your dreams. Now I could totally relate because one of my favorite little sayings besides, “All roads lead to Oprah,” is “Every day I be hustling, hustling, hustling…”

Here is the video from Make Under My Life. After watching this a new motto was born, “Hustle 09!” The DD thinks it’s lame. I adore it.

By the end of my long story Amanda agreed to sit in on what she could of Gary’s talk before her own book signing. She was instantly drawn into his ideas about the new ways to do business and decided I wasn’t a total nut. Whew. Not cra-zy! You can click on his site here to see the full BEA talk. Or check him out at Wine Library TV here for good wine talk.

I don’t know if Gary was signing but I can’t wait to get a copy of Crush It when it comes out Oct. 13th.

By the way Gary has a 10, yes, 10 book deal.
Also big congrats to Gary and his wife on the birth of their baby girl, Misha, born Sunday! Sweetness.

So what are you willing to do for your hustle? Me? I’m working. Hard.