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Plot Light

Howdy Peeps! Good day to you all.
Check out this chandelier that I spied on my trip to the MoMA with PVE. Isn’t it wild and don’t you love it? I sure do and can’t get it out of my wacky head.

It’s by German designer Ingo Maurer done in 1997. The “Zettel’z is a grand chandelier where the Bohemian crystal drops are substituted by scribbled paper notes from some incurable romantic’s desk. The light shines through the paper mobile. In this work Maurer plays with traditional approaches to chandelier manufacture, using precious and semi-precious materials.”

“The truth is found between the lies”

I like to think of it as a great plotting tool. Wouldn’t it be a fun way to plot out a story? You can arrange and rearrange the scenes while letting the light shine through to show you the way. Just be careful to not get burned!