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Time to Make The Donuts

What’s Jack up to? Jack is being Jack. He has been a sweetie to me, being so concerned while I’ve been out of it with my back ,but also taking advantage of my slow movements by getting into all sorts of mess like the trash, climbing on tables, going into the kids bags then sprinting under the beds where he knows I can’t go. Be warned, Jack. I will be better soon.

As to that I’m determined to get up and out today. I feel a bit better. The back is still hurting some, but it’s not excruciating and I’ve got way too much to do to stay in bed any longer. No matter enticing that may be. Besides, the DH can no longer wait on me. Somebody’s got to make the donuts. And I’ve got my own job to do.

The DD’s dance recital this weekend was wonderful and she was great. Just the best in my not so humble opinion! But honestly, all the girls did a beautiful job. I’m always blown away by the professional show that they, along with their very talented teachers, put together every year. I’m also grateful for the extra performances that they put on for charity. The fact that they give back to the community is wonderful and makes me proud.

I hope you all have a good week ahead. One that is not too busy with a little down time scheduled in. As for me plan to walk lightly, drive slowly and write a lot.