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The Love Connection

Another Saturday. I’ll be shuffling slowly to see my DD in her yearly dance recital tonight. It’s always such a joy to watch her dance. She’s so beautiful and talented.

I know there will be that usual moment where for a second I’ll look and not see the 15 year old young woman she is, but will still see the little 4 your old she was taking her first awkward dance steps. I imagine she will look out and search for me, it won’t show, but I know she will do it. With her heart. She’ll feel me there willing her on through the crowd of hundreds. I’ll feel energy coming back at me. For a moment we’ll be one. In the end I’ll cheer extra loud and let out a big “Woo Hoo!” in the elegant theater to be sure she hears me. She’ll smile big and bow quickly before running off stage.

Later she’ll roll her eyes and say I’m soooo embarrassing. Her father will be mad at her for saying it. I won’t take it personally. Not this time. I know it’s expected. I know it’s still love. I’ll know we were one back there on that stage. Just like then all those years ago. It’s the same now. I’m still Mom and she’s still my Dear Daughter.

It’s a Love Connection.