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Super Monday

So this was the best part of the Superbowl for me, apart from the snack-o-rama at my house. That was pretty cool too. But this Macgruber commercial just cracked me up. BTW I still don’t fully understand football. Sorry DH.

This ad was my DS’s favorite. It’s a total boy ad but so funny. The best is that it was created for only 2 thousand dollars by a couple of guys who won a contest as opposed to the 2 million dollar ads. I love that.

Another Monday and I’ve got writing and workouts on my mind. My writing has been going too slow for my taste and I seem to get distracted by the slightest thing. It’s like, “oh look, shiny!” Not really, it’s just life has been super busy. But what else is new? I can’t believe it’s already February.

I’ve also got to get back on course with the old D-I-E-T. I’ve been just awful. No excuses there. Notice how it’s so easy to fall out of a good habit and way hard to give up bad one. No fair, huh?

What’s doing for your week?