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Marriage or Motherhood

A while back over at Dooce she had a post that asked the question: what is more difficult marriage or motherhood? My quick answer was motherhood hands down and I’m still sticking with that answer. Of course, this could be just in my world. Being a mother of twins it was always a bit overwhelming even from the start and now that they are teenagers, oh baby please. Also the marriage thing always felt like it had an out. Which is funny for me to say since I’ve been married for 19 years through many ups and downs, but it’s different somehow from the forever of motherhood. Strange.

Sometimes I feel like the blog world is so full of happy shiny babies and well starched husbands that it would almost make a woman think that it’s all a breeze. But we do know better don’t we? It’s not all crafty days and Tiffany blue boxes. More often than not it is: where did the day go? Should we order in again? And did he seriously buy me that?

But back to the point, I guess it really comes down to what stage you are in life as to how you would answer this question. Is there a real answer? What do you all think out there? Opinions please. I love them.
Sidebar: Obviously the octuplets’ mom is clearly from the camp of marriage being harder because she is quick to have a baby, the marriage thing? Not so much for her.

Sidebar 2: Dear Twins, When you are in therapy moaning about me later please get it straight. It’s not because I didn’t think you couldn’t do anything. It’s because I believed you could do everything.

Sidebar 3: Just to keep this about writing and such, what are some of your favorite books or movies that deal with motherhood? One of mine is Terms of Endearment. It gets me every time.