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Kindle Anyone?

Do you Kindle? Would you Kindle?

I never thought I would really be a Kindle girl, I mean you can’t very well take it in the bath, but on Saturday at my RWA meeting I got to touch feel and read on one up close and I fell in love. It’s so sleek, light weight and cool and it kind of feels very bookish. Also the thought that I can have so many books with me all the time right at my fingertips kinda makes me giddy.

Amazon is putting the new Kindle 2 on sale February 24th. (should have been available for V-day). It’s even slimmer and can hold so many more books and even has a read aloud feature. Very dangerous. I’m putting the Kindle 2 on my extended wish list. Of course I still need to get through my Nationals books. A girl has to have tub reading!

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