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Lisa Kleypas Made Me Clean My Closet

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been an early riser lately, wanting to eat early, go for walks early, play early. So that means we all have to get up early. You may be cute and all but this is not fun, Jack. I am not an early bird.

I know this may seem like a funny title for a post, but it’s really true. You all know from here what a huge Lisa fan I am. I was crazy for her historicals but now I’m gaga for her contemporary books too. Well, I was blog hopping and read on M. G. Braden’s blog that she got a copy of Sugar Daddy at RWA Nationals this year. Now this got me thinking about all my books from Nationals. I’ve been slowly going through my books and thought that I remembered getting Sugar Daddy in my haul. Remember this pic?

I decided to go on the big dig. That book had to be there. But before I could get to it I noticed that my Nationals boxed had been covered with school supplies, Christmas wrap and all sorts of other mess in the utility closet. Yikes! For a moment I thought about shutting the closet door. But how could I? Sugar Daddy could be in there just waiting for me. I took I deep breath rolled up my sleeves and got busy.
After much sweating and a complete reorganization of shoes, magazines, school supplies and wrapping papers, sweet success! Sugar Daddy! Yes, it’s now in my hot little hands and the rest of my books from Nationals are on my shelves with all my many other books to read. Oh, the treasures I have. It’s going to be a good weekend. I hope yours is great.