Real Housewives of Atl,  Reality tv

The biggest diva is…

So did you all watch the Not So Real Housewives of the ATL? You know I did. For the record I gave a glance to the new OC season, but just a glance. I can’t get my head or my heart into it yet coming off the ATL ladies. We’ll see as the weeks go on.

Back to ALT, I would not miss this hot mess for the world. I’m sorry (no I’m not) It’s my guilty pleasure and I loved it.

The looks, the drama, the hair. How could I not? All the housewives were in rare form. NeNe was taking no crap and telling like it T-I-S.

On to Kim…So now we know Big Papa/Poppa is married and Kim says stay tuned. Should we keep our fingers crossed and watch just to see if he makes an appearance. Come on! Does somebody out there know who this guy is? And the Kim cancer thing was that all and act?

And I still say Sheree left NeNe off the party list intentionally.
And I loved Dwight with the long hair and the advice at the end. So all in all I guess he was the biggest diva.

I sure hope they come back for another season. Could it be next week please?