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I’m on a quest

You know me, I can’t hear about something going on without popping in to see what the fuss is all about. So Kristie’s got this Quest going on over at her and Katie’s blog. You can read about it here. You see she read Broken Wing and went ga-ga over it.

Now since The Great North and South Crusade which my lovely PIC hooked me up with came from over at Ramblings on Romance I had to jump on in with the Quest. I mean come on, I will be forever grateful for North and South coming into my life. If you didn’t get on with that, please get thee to Netflix quickly and thank me later.

That said, I’m currently reading Broken Wing. I’ll let you know if I end up a quester. Kristie was consumed. Wow. Big word. A lot for a book to live up to. Hmm…
So what are you all reading? Up to anything exciting this weekend.
I’m currently on the way back from home Savannah after being stuffed better than the Turkey this week.