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A Change is Coming

What’s Jack up to? Jack is going batty because the guys are here cleaning our lawn and no matter how often they come he still likes to go nuts and show them how tough he is. Go, Jack Go!

I’m feeling bankrupt of words today. Not a good thing for a writer. For some reason my ads were dropped from my blog. Bummer. Hmm… makes me wonder if I was a bit too political. That said I’m getting political again today. Oh well. If not now, when?

The only thing on my mind is the election, well that’s not entirely true there is tons of other stuff in there, but this is taking up a huge chunk of mind space. Thank goodness there is only one more day to go.

I can’t get over the whole long line thing in so many states. I’ve never experienced that here in NY so I really can’t wrap my head around it. I mean why should it be so hard when for some reason we’ve got buying lotto tickets down to a science? Crazy. I just hope folks continue to stick it out and in the end its on the up and up.
And most importantly people vote with their heads and hearts and not judge by past prejudices. Change is good.