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Take me out to the ball game

What’s Jack up to? Well Jack’s been in a bit of trouble. He’s feeling a little snappy and snapping at all of us around here. We’ve got to put a stop to that. I don’t know what’s gotten into Jack this past weekend.

The baseball weekend is over and I think possibly the season. But who knows? It didn’t end on a high, but at least the DS got the RBI (notice how I throw the lingo around?) that brought in the one run that the team did get on Sunday. Go DS! Poor DD had to suffer through two days of baseball, but hey she did get fries and some fine outlet shopping out of the deal.

The summer is slowly winding down…

On another note, while to listing to hot mess Amy Winehouse for the hundredth time this year I was struck by this song; HE CAN ONLY HOLD HER and how much it seems like just about every other hunting romance that I love or maybe I’m just over emotional right now either way I’m just crazy for this song. Sorry the video cuts it off. Have a great day!