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The Secret Garden

What’s Jack up to? He’s having a happy Saturday just being Jack. His newest thing is ripping up any napkins or paper towels that he can find. Oh the joy for me! More to clean up. Nice.

Today I thought I’d post some pictures of my not-so-secret back garden. Last weekend the DH, DD, DS and I planted a few vegetables. I wanted to plant tomatoes for the longest time but with a only a front yard (I’ll show photos of that later) and not much back with this stone wall I had no clue where to put the veggies.

Well, Nana came over and being the Southern woman that she is she knew just where to put it. After being merciless with one of my plants that she said just “had to go” she had the bright idea of planting the veggies in front of the stone wall. We now have tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, squash and peppers planted. We’ll see what takes. I’m looking for collard greens to put up the hill in that barren spot but can’t find them. Our local place was all out last weekend. Who know they would be so popular in Scarsdale?

Are you The Mole? The new season starts Monday night on abc. I’m going to give it a go. I like trying to figure out stuff like that. See these rocks covering that big hole. We don’t have mole but we’ve got a pretty big and scary groundhog that’s driving me and the DH crazy. Ugh! I hope he or the deer don’t eat my veggies.