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Rainy Days and …

What’s Jack up to? The nutty dog is going stir crazy from all the rain. He wants to run free and he’s taking it out on me. No, Jack I don’t want to play fetch again. We’ll go out.

Yesterday was a soaker in NYC with the rain sometimes coming down sideways. You’d think this would be a real downer, but not really. It was an inconvenience, but I wasn’t down about it because I got to go into the city (I aways feel like such a transplant nerd when I say that) and meet with my critique partners, JS, JM and M which is always such a treat.
We met for lunch at our favorite diner on Broadway. WW core aside, I ordered my usual diner grilled cheese with bacon and it was de-lish. The perfect amount of crisp on the outside. All I go to a diner for.
Sidebar treat: I got a primo spot right on Broadway after only fifteen minutes of circling around and praying to the parking Gods. See I have been a good girl, Santa. LOL!
We drank plenty of cups of coffee and toasted M’s landing an agent. Yay, M!!!! And JM selling another short story!!! She is totally rocking. The woman is teaching us all a thing or two about what it means to ‘Just Do It!’ no matter what. She’s a super busy mom who somehow steals the time to get her writing done. My hero.
I’m always so inspired when I meet with my girls. We talk books, and tv and being inspired and what to do when nothing inspires you. It’s just great. Thanks ladies. You always make want to be so much better. It was a perfect rainy day.