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Have Equipment Will Travel

What’s Jack up to? That’s little stinker’s getting into trouble, stealing shoes, socks and whatever else he thinks will disrupt the house this morning. Jack!

The inspiration for today’s post came for last night’s TV and a surprise 11:00 pm phone call from my Nana. Now you know when the phone rings at 11:00 it’s usually never good. At first I felt panic then I realized The Bachelor had just gone off and it was Nana. I laughed as my poor DH was worriedly asking if her if she was feeling alright.

Here’s me and Nana’s recap of last night’s TV:

First off Dancing with the Stars?
It was all about the men and they did surprisingly well. Sure some weren’t great (Penn Jillette) but there wasn’t a Master P in the bunch. I had to laugh at how serious they all were. Mario threw his Hip Hop persona out the window and turned into a ballroom maniac! The front runners for me were, Mario, Jason Tayor and Cristian de la Fuente. Good job guys traveling with the ladies across the floor.

Next up was the premier of The Bachelor. We got to meet the new Brit bachelor Matt Grant. A 27 year old global financier, whatever that means. According to Nana, he’s nice and good looking, but there’s something off about him that we just can’t trust. We can’t put our finger on it yet, but Nana got it right when she said somethings off with his mouth. Oh, Nana.
We also got to meet his bevy of way too eager beauties. Nana, nailed it right. Trashy! Why is there always the one girl who gets drunk on the first night and wears too many sequins? Why? Stacy did you really think that guy wanted you drunken panties in you pocket. Ewww. Bu-bye. and what’s with biting a beer can? Huh?

In the end Matt worked the room like a champ. Sharing his love freely then breaking the hearts of 10 girls, but making the night of 15. Will you accept this rose? Yes. Oh yes! Travel on Matt.

We ended our conversation with talk about our brand spanking new Governor of the great state of New York, David Paterson. Mr. Paterson takes over for now ex gov/john/ client #9 Elliot Spitzer. Both Nana and I are are so proud that he’s African-American and from our hometown of Harlem too! To top it off he’s the first legally blind Governor in the United States ever. I proudly showed my son his swearing in on the Internet. Great day!

Not a few hours later does the news break that he too has had extramarital affairs years ago, but he and his wife worked through it with counselling. His wife admitted to having affairs of her own. Well there’s a twist.
According to, Nana, with plenty of choice words not suitable for my PG blog, “What’s with these bleeping men? It doesn’t matter who they are whether they can see or not. All that matter is what equipment they got. You’ve got to look at all their bleeping bleeps with the screw eye!”
Amen, Nana!
Have equipment will travel.