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Rock your vote

What’s Jack up to? So far he’s just chillin’ but it’s still early.
I want to thank all you who were kind enough to give comments yesterday on being a plotter or a pantser. It was wonderful to hear about everyone writing process. What I got from the discussion is there really is no right or wrong way to write. All that matters is that you do whatever works for you to get YOUR story done.

On one of the other group boards that I read there was a pretty heated discussion on writers who read or not read. One brave soul admitted to not reading novels (through no fault of her own) and when she did the opinions flew. It’s amazing how firm folks can be in their opinions.
That got me thinking and what I wrote to the group is maybe we should stop and think what truly makes a good book. Is it the credentials behind the book or is it the story? I think it’s the story and how the story is told. If you have a natural talent for telling a story than you are truly blessed.

Today is Super Tuesday and in 24 states primaries are going on for the presidential nominees. It is a historic vote on the democratic side as democrats choose between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. To me it’s not a bad dilemma to be in. Whatever your choice please me sure to get out and vote today.
If you’d like a laugh check out this new Obama Girl video. I have to admit when the first Obama Girl video came out, I thought she’d hurt more than help. But now with the way Barack has been going in this race, heck, maybe she is super?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4HU_l5u0h4