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Dreams of the heart

What’s Jack up to? Today he’s being and sweetheart and doing his best to be a model lap dog. Sitting by my side and not even messing with the keyboard while I type. Good dog, Jack! Now, are you feeling ok?

What is it about Romantic comedies that we girls love so much? I mean honestly, you walk into the theater knowing the ending before your first bite of popcorn. But still, we gush and smile and get all melty inside as some girl goes through all the emotions we daydream about in ninety minutes.

I know I’m little late to the reception, but this weekend I saw the movie 27 Dresses with my daughter. I’m not going to give a movie review because, really, do you care what I think? Me, more than anyone else, knows that art is subjective. That said, it was just what the doctor ordered. A cute romantic comedy to make you walk out hoping for happily ever after. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

But it sort of made me think, is this the feminist way? Should I be taking my daughter to see these stereotypical views of what a woman should want? Of what love could be? Make her think that she can find happiness in the arms of a man? My answer is, sure. Why not? As long as I school her about self respect and not being blind when it comes to love, then it’s all good.

If not for the great romance story, she may grow up thinking that relationships should be all blinged and sexed out like a rap video. No long walks, no late night conversations, no long gazes and definitely no hand holding.

I say let her dream that love is real, because it is. Sometimes you just have to suspend cynicism for a moment and let your heart show you the truth.

All this is to say, that I’m starting a new book and it’s shaping up to be a romantic comedy. Me, a comedy? Hopefully I can keep my own cynicism in check!

I actually dreamed of the concept in my sleep, woke up and immediately pulled out my notebook because I was so excited. It’s something different from anything I’ve ever tried. But right about now, my heart and mind really wants to believe in the happily ever after. We’ll see how it goes..