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Blogging Amazing Race

What’s Jack up to? He’s trying to get out of the dog house for swiping a chicken bone then sprinting away with it, but mostly for going to the bathroom on my dining room rug this weekend! Go to the paper, Jack! The Paper!

First off let me say I love The Amazing Race and have since the first season. The idea of racing around the world is just thrilling to me. I remember when the eliminated contestants used to appear on the old Rosie O’Donnell Show. Wow, how long ago was that? Back in the day when Rosie wasn’t feuding with The Donald or anyone else for that matter.

My all time favorite team were the dating duo of Lenny and Karyn. Poor frustrated Karyn nagged Lenny so much on the race that they broke up. Rosie had to give them two separate trips as their prize since Lenny would not travel with Karyn ever again!

I remember actually downloading the application and telling my DH we should fill it out and try for the show. Well, he wanted no part of that and now many seasons later has the nerve to say to me we should do that. Like it was the DH’s idea. Ha! You had your chance buddy.
Nowadays I don’t know if I have the heart or the butt to repel off the side of a building and have it shot from a bad angle and shown on national TV.

So it’s down to the final four for this season. I was so sad to see Kynt and Vyxsin the dating Goths who both touted waiter/receptionist as their occupations eliminated last week. For me they were the last fun left this the season.

Now I’m left with waiting for the father/daughter team to explode or the grandpa from the grandfather/grandson team to say something crazy and off color or Jen and Nathan to have another fight. Will they be another Karyn and Lenny?

This week it should have been buh-bye to TK and Rachel. Where in the heck did they get stuck at for a whole show? Sleeping? They were sooo lucky it was a non-elimination week.