Bridezilla bridesmaids & monster mother- in- laws? These brides are not having it. They laugh off tradition and create their own rules, to make the most memorial wedding experiences that turn into a lifetime of love & happiness.

Lily Perry is over it. She done with being pestered by her family to find a husband. There nothing wrong with her life. And she refuses to give in to so called “Mr. Rights” who insist she fit into their visions for a perfect life. So, she’s settling the issue once and for all: by marrying herself. And renowned chef Vincent Caro’s beachside restaurant is the prime locale for a big-time, not-hearing-it-any-more of it, blow out wedding.

So what if Vin think she’s off her rocker. Lily doesn’t care as long as he delivers with his mouth-watering dishes and they continue their no-commitment, no-strings attached, sizzling hook ups.

But no matter how hard she tries to keep things casual; her feelings keep growing stronger.

There go well laid plains. Can Lily really find the happiness she seeks by saying I don’t to I do?

*Previously published in 2017*

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